What is so often overlooked in the wine business as we enjoy fine wines with great cuisine, when flipping through the glossy pages of magazines (or web sites) is that the very foundation of this profound beverage is farming. Farmers, rocks and dirt, graft and toil. sun and rain, frost and hail. Yet it is without debate that it is these very things that are responsible in making a great wine great, period. We believe this without reserve, and hence we have chosen to focus our attentions on singular vineyard sites in the very specific Districts of west Paso Robles. Here the soils are rich in lime and clay, the rain is plentiful enough, the sun is hot, the nights are cool, the ocean is close.

Singular vineyards farmed by equally singular humans. We prefer dry farming because it is the best expression of place, we prefer Organic farming because it is better, we strive to allow our wines to honor the land from which they were born and the people who tirelessly tended the vines.