Heaton Vineyard "Will's Hills"



The Will’s Hills Vineyard is located 10 miles west of Paso Robles in the chalk-rock hills of the Heaton Ranch. The Heaton family settled this 130 acre Willow Creek lot in the late 1880’s. Over the next 120 years they cleared and planted the ranch to dry land pasture, hay, barley, wheat, fruit trees, and walnuts.


The 23 acre vineyard was planted in January, 2004, by fourth generation Heatons: Neil, his wife Ginny, and their 5 year old son William. The vineyard was planted on land which had been retired from grain production 25 years earlier.


 Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Grenache Noir and Viognier varietals were planted with the 12’x12’ spacing used traditionally by dry land farmers, “Dry Landers.” The soil type, depth, PH, and aspect varies considerably from block to block and has made management very challenging. But, according to the Heatons, with God’s gift of rainfall and timely cultivation, Will’s Hills Vineyard has produced highly sought after, quality fruit.

Today, Will’s Hills Vineyard is cared for and managed by Neil, Ginny and Neil’s son Craig. The vineyard is named Will’s Hills in loving memory of Neil and Ginny’s son, William.


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