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March 2017


2012 Old Vine Zinfandel

(100% Zinfandel)

Martinelli Vineyard, Templeton, CA

The term Old Vine Zinfandel is often used but never explained. Zinfandel has the honor of being one of the earliest planted varieties in California some vineyards over 100 years ago. Our Old Vine Zinfandel first experienced the rich soil of the Templeton Gap in 1921. 
This vintage expresses itself in a way that only Old Vine Zinfandel can, with great depth and complexity. Brambly briar patches full of red berry fruit and spice laden aromas abound. A rich finish and fully integrated texture that is long lived provide the sturdy foundations of a wine that is able to sit happily in a cellar for years to come. The expressive fruit and presence from the elegantly intertwined tannins could be paired wonderfully with a marinated pork shoulder and or a tangy barbequed chicken.

The Martinelli Vineyard is 93 years old. The vineyard is located on the coveted West side of Templeton. Amadeo Martinelli  planted the Vineyard in 1921.    Amadeo was a visionary as he designed and planted the property.  His knowledge of Farming and the importance of the balancing of crops is evident when one walks the ranch.

The Old Vine Zinfandel plants are Dry Farmed, single head pruned, and planted 10 ft on center.  Spread throughout the Vineyard are approximately 30 Bing Cherry Trees, Pistachios, Pears, Apples, Pomegranites, Persimmons, and Wild Berries.  There are several naturaly occurring legumes that grow on the property.  When disked and turned into the earth, these  cover crops  create a compost that yield high levels of nitrogen and aid to retain higher than average levels of nutrients.  This helps to keep the dirt rich and fertile.
 Planted on the side of a mountain, Martinelli is facing and gently sloped to the east.  This location allows great exposure to the early morning sun,  gives direct sun in the middle of the day, and  then late afternoon gets  shade from the mountain.  Evening breezes flowing thru the oaks to the west, then cool the fruit which is needed to grow  perfect  Zinfandel clusters.
Martinelli has a mix of Zinfandel, Grenache and Mourvede in the field.    The Zinfandel is approx 92% of the total planted vines.
The existing Winery Building where Amadeo made and aged his wines, still stands and was the heartbeat of the Vineyard until 1964.  At that time the family decided to stop making the Famous Martinelli wine, and just sold the fruit.  Rina Martinelli worked the land with her 3 children for many years after Papa Martinelli died.  She loved the land and taught the importance of balance and the love of the vineyard to her children and grandchildren.

We are offering an additional 10% discount on the purchase of three or more bottles, of 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel, through the month of March.


We produced 336 cases of Old Vine Zinfandel in 2012.




        $60 bottle/$684.00 case       Wine Club Price $48.00 bottle/ $576.00 case